Methods to Spot Avalanche Hazard: Crash Course With AIARE Forecaster

It’s not attainable to stop unstable snow. However you possibly can considerably enhance your avalanche security by figuring out the way to keep away from one. Study if you’re in a high-risk zone and the way to transfer throughout it most safely with Outside Analysis’s fast video.

On this transient explainer, an avi forecaster from the American Institute for Avalanche Analysis (AIARE) offers a crash course in avalanche terrain and covers the primary instruments each backcountry traveler ought to carry to keep away from disaster.

Discovering the facet of any spot on the mountain, searching for indicators of a current avalanche, understanding grade, and being conscious of your location relative to the treeline are only a few of the areas lined right here.

The AIARE forecaster informs us that three circumstances have to be current for an avalanche to exist: unstable snow, a set off, and avalanche terrain. Eradicating any one in every of these circumstances will stop an avalanche, so figuring out if you’re in avi territory is invaluable.

Should you’re planning to hit the slopes this season, test it out. For extra avalanche security ideas and programs, head to

Runtime: 6 minutes

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