Watch: Deep Dive and Check of Pyranha’s Newest Creek Boat, the Scorch

If you recognize, you recognize: Pyranha makes among the finest whitewater boats on the market. Try this deep dive into its latest kayak constructed for the gnarly stuff — and watch a seasoned paddler take it there.

The Pyranha Scorch can flat-out fly within the river. Watch it thread rapids and shred whitewater on this clip, the place Senders’ Bren Orton additionally goes deep to clarify its design and lots of nuances.

Orton sees it as not solely a brand new era of craft for the British firm, but additionally a callback to its roots. We’d take his phrase for it — primarily based on this exhaustive but adroit assessment, he’s performed his half to place it by way of its paces.

Runtime: 7.5 minutes

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